Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 Review

Hi everyone from my place in the country, in snowy Iowa. I have found so much peace up here in the middle of the woods, away from the hoohaw that is my usual life. It has given me time to reflect not on my year but where i am at in my life.

There is no getting around it. The start of this year was hugely difficult for me. I had nothing but setbacks and stallings. Weaker people would have thrown in the towel and said that's it, I give up. I am made of a different cloth. My success has not come easy. I am not part of a big show like Thunder or have not won a big TV singing contest. I have slowly but surely built my reputation over the years and this has given me a different perspective. I am hugely grateful for where I am at and when things go wrong I am very resilient. By the end of this year I had built myself back up again and am again in great stead.
Trying to look mysterious, failed miserably!

From what I can gather, a lot of people have had trials and tribulations this year. We can either sit and moan about or get off our arses and sort things out. It's so easy to feel sorry for ourselves but one look around makes you realise how lucky we are. I get cards and emails from fans out there who haven't the health I enjoy. They are content with life and live for the simple pleasures that music can alone bring even though they are crippled by ill health or disability.

The tragedy in Sandy Hook was as horrific an incident as you get. It broke my heart to think of those lil babies and their families. If there is one glimmer of light coming from it is as a reminder to us to cling to life and it's blessings. I think this year , more than ever I have done that. Maybe age helps one do that.

My blessings are many. I have an amazing family who love and support me. I have everyone in Wexford who lift me up and give me reasons to sing. I have these people around the world who write to let me know how my singing has brought joy and comfort to their lives. I honestly didn't realise till this year the place my songs have in people lives.

this is a little better!

This year was what I would call an adventure. There were many highlights;

1. Performing with one of my heroes, Vince Gill
2. Writing songs with legends like

Pat Alger 
Ralph Murphy
Marcus Hummon
Tommy Lee James

3. Being made Wexford Ambassador
4. Winning IMA Irish Tenor of the year

For me the biggest thing about 2012 was Nashville. I had no idea last New Years Eve that my first trip to Nashville on January 4 would not only change how i do business but would change my perspective on my career and my life. I feel like the town has embraced me and I feel like i belong there.

So what are the plans for this year. Well, the big news is that in 2013 there will be 2 new albums. One is an album of Irish songs will be out soon. The other....well I will share more about that later. Details on the Irish album will be coming hard and fast in the coming weeks with contests and chances to come see me live for free.

I have had to change my plans in January. I can't go to France for the concert recording as I have some deadlines here to get the album finished. I am off to New York next week to do some vocals and arrangements. Next is a stop in Nashville.

Live dates this year look promising with a return visit to Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa on Saint Patricks Day plus bookings in Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Washington. Later in the year, I play a major venue in L.A. TBA and we just got confirmed for Foxwoods, CT.

I am going to try to get home a lot this year. The Gathering 2013 promises to be an exciting time in Ireland. As an ambassador for Wexford, I will be involved in a very big event in late June in New Ross. Anyone travelling to Ireland this yer should make sure to get to Wexford. It is a special place. I hope i have shown that over the past year or two. It gets lost in the mix as people tend to head to the West of Ireland. Irish people however come in their thousand to Wexford on their vacation. They come for the beaches, the sunniest weather in the country, the fun pubs and the live music. We have kept the secret too long and it is time for the rest of the world to know about it.

My parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in September so that should be a fun night out. Mick and Margie are the life of the party ...even when there is no party so it is a guaranteed barnstormer.

As for some of my musical friends;

Watch out for Celtic Woman's 2013 tour dates. They continue to spread their angelic wings. I still wish Lisa was out with them but she has a family to raise.

As for the Thunder boys, I was given a sneak peak of Mythology. The show is stellar and in my opinion it is the best they have ever sounded. Keith had a big year and I really did over play his album. Excellent songwriting and killer arrangements. Ryan's year was great just getting better. What a scare it was for everyone but also inspiring to see him out back doing what he does best.

Paul Byrom has a big year coming up with his PBS special. It is a lot of hard work but the benefits are tenfold. He should win the IMA Irish tenor award this year(especially seeing that I can't!!!) I think we should hand it back and forth to each other over the next few years.

Niall O Sullivan is making quite the name for himself. Already a celeb in Ireland, he is now crossing the Atlantic and I can't wait to see what he brings this year.

My manager has lots planned. I thought I was dynamic. I thought at this age I would slow down a little. I have achieved so much more than I had originally planned as a singer. I guess on the inside I am hugely content but there are new mountains to climb. I guess there always will be.

Just FYI, you have no idea how important you are to achieve those goals of mine and really how important you are to me. I think you might realise how much I love you in the amount of replies i send out. I want to reach everyone but that can't happen. For now, in the quiet of you reading this blog , please realise I think of you all the time and am so grateful to have you both as a fan of my music and a lifeline of inspiration.

Big Love and Blessings for 2013


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

December and Beyond........

Hi Peeps

Hello from the Midwest. I just got back from a rather fantastic trip home to Ireland for the Wexford Festival Opera. I was thrilled to be invited home to host the Gala Concert of the 61st festival. It was thrilling, exciting, humbling and a lil bit crazy. 2 weeks of functions, receptions, rehearsals, meetings, operas, concerts, recital, plays, musicals and pints eventually takes it's toll so I returned to the US with a humongous cold and one hell of a cough. My heart was high though. If anyone is planning a trip to Ireland in the fall next year, don't be put off by the opera title. Wexford becomes a box of art of all kinds in late October. You can hear sopranos rehearsing from the windows of halls across the town, see Ireland's best artists who exhibit, dine on high end Irish fare washed down with champagne or Guinness, sing along with the locals who take the love of singing to the hostelries who compete with each other for the title of Best Singing Pub. It is a smorgasbord of culture all wrapped up in a gem of a town where people are intrigued by travellers and want to hear your story. I hope you get to savor the town's delights at any time in 2013 for the Gathering. Next year, I know there will be many special events to celebrate Wexford's place in the world and I will be part of those events. Details will be released soon. I know you will be excited by what's coming. #JFK50                                                                                                                                                                    

I've had a mixed bag this fall. Lots of changes in my life and while I am quite the restless adventurer, I wasn't prepared for it all. First of all, my agents and I parted ways. Adrienne and Jerry have been so great to me over the years and indeed brought so much opportunity to my life but it was time for all of us to make new adventures. We parted ways on the best of terms and they will continue to be family to me. My manager is now talking to a new agency and we will announce that new partnership very soon. The transition, much like moving house can be stressful and it affected my December dates but that is just fine. This year, I have some East Coast dates

Nov 24 Zeiterion, New Bedford, MA
Nov 30 Count Basie, Redbank, NJ
Dec 01 Mayo Center, Morristown, NJ
Dec 16 Spivey Hall, Atlanta, GA
Tickets are selling very well so I'm looking forward to a big crowd.

Dec 17 - 20 I head to Nashville to record some more. Excited to work with Tommy Lee James and the legend that is Ralph Murphy again. I love being a grown up songwriter and indeed have just been invited to write with some pop legends in London in January so I've that to look forward to (read terrified!!!)

On to January and you will have seen my tweets about France. I was approached earlier in the year about a return to France to be part of a DVD/Live CD recording. The concert which will be aired on French TV is being recorded at the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, where the Cannes Film Festival is held. I love the Cote D'Azur and indeed had an apartment a few miles away in Nice for a few years so it is a very welcome date. I get to work Nolwenn Leroy (a huge star in France), Laurent Voulzy, Dan Ar Braz and other french artists in an evening presenting music with a Breton / Celtic edge. The evening will be part of MIDEM LIVE and held on January 28. It will be open to the public(if you happen to be touring the South of France) I left France several years ago after a bad experience with a terrible producer who took advantage of me. I was so upset as France meant so much to me. I lost a lot of friends and it changed how I felt about show business. I thought I would never go back. This brings me back to Europe to work again and I couldn't be happier about it. I have great friends in France and am so excited about singing there.....and hopefully regaining my decent comprehension of the language.

So I got shortlisted for a Grammy nod in the Best Pop Vocal category. It is hilarious to see my name beside Madonna, Maroon 5 and the other M artists. It was nice to see my mate Keith Harkin in the same category and we both agree it's a long way from singin in a school hall back in Ireland. Couldn't be happier for him and his success. He is the hardest worker and the nicest fella. It is nice to know my album is well thought of and I never thought i would see it. It is however the toughest category so don't be holdin your breath really. I am up against the world's biggest artists. Hopefully my next album will find an easier category. I was invited to the Nashville Grammy HQ earlier this year and it was thrilling to hear about their work. Paul Byrom got the nod too so it's an irish hatrick.

The good news is that I will stay in Europe for some tour dates before a return to the US for the usual March madness. Spring dates wont be announced until the New Year as we have to transition to the new agency who will handle the tour. So far though we have Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, California and Washington on the list. God knows where else we'll end up.

Thanksgiving on Thursday. I have never been happier in my life. I have had some time this fall to stop and think. So grateful for where I am at in my life, for the people in it and for what I have in store this coming year. Thank so much for being a special part of it.

Mise Le Meas

Michael xo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Holiday Packages

Getting lots of emails for autographed cds and dvds for the holidays so for one week only we offering autographed Beyond the Star Christmas album SIGNED. We are combining Road Not Taken cd with Beyond Celtic dvd for $25. Both will be signed with any personal message you like. Click here and we will get those out to you as soon as possible.
Beyond the Star Autographed $15
Road Not Taken Autographed $15

Sunday, August 19, 2012

That was the week that was!

Sunday morning. Nameless random Nashville hotel.

OK, it's the Marriott. I am lying here in the quiet. Just finished watching the political shows that consume my every Sunday morning. I really should be at mass and while I am catholic, for some reason my addiction to social and political dialogue seems to hold more attention than the ramblings of a nameless catholic priest in a church I don't know. God forgive me.

I've had quite the week. It started in Long Island where I had 2 sold out shows at The Patchogue Theater. Those folks were in the mood for a good time. Somehow people seem to be more involved in my concerts than they used to be. They laugh and sing more. They clap louder. I suspect it is because they need to have more of a good time than they used to. Life is more stressful these days. People havent as much funds in their pockets. A night out does the world of good. We had 1100 on both nights and they were determined to have a great night out.

Once we finished the shows I headed into New York. I have a storage unit there since I left a few years ago. I actually was based in New York for about 15 years total. It is my spiritual home. The day I arrived as a kid in 1989 I knew I belonged there. I remember everything about that day. It was the start of my love affair with the Big Apple. We have had many ups and downs and indeed divorced( well, separated) in 2008 but really I will never leave my town. Do you ever forget your first love? I know the city better than anywhere in the world including Wexford. Once I get back in town, things just seem to fall into place.

I was hugely busy but had some priorities. I wanted to spend time with some people I hadn't seen. NYC makes it difficult to get together with people but I got to spend time with my lovely friend Phyl who I stayed with, hang with Jean Clancy(Celtic Thunder General Manager) and my long time friend and Riverdance Company Manager Thom Clay. Much mayhem ensued.

With Phyl, I got to go to Becco, one of my favorite spots on restaurant row. I always enjoy the Pasta Symphony there, a highly recommended fresh homemade pasta. The service was impeccable and the NYC vibe was perfect. I love talking to the waitstaff on restaurant row as they are Broadway performers waiting for the break. Most are full of dreams and anticipation, some bitter as hell. Both serve a table with a story to tell that I want to hear.

Phyl is an amazing cabaret artist with a remarkable career to show for it and one of the most magnetic performers I have ever seen. She has been family and friend to me for 20 years. When we get together we laugh more than anything really. Noone, and I mean noone, has a more hilarious approach to life than she. She gave me the quintessential New York evening with pasta, vino and fall of yer chair laughs.

Of course that didn't satisfy me. I simply had to continue into the night once Phyllis sensibly decided she would retire for the evening. I headed out to Jean's wine bar, Claret. I love the place. It has a gorgeous food and wine menu. Jean is the most accomplished person I know. She speaks French and Italian, knows random facts about every food known to mankind, can cook up a storm, is a wine uberkind, runs Celtic Thunder with lazer precision and is loyal to a fault. We have been great friends for a long time now.

I remember the day we got that first CT CD mailed to us. Sharon Browne asked us to take it to Irish America like we had done with Celtic Woman. We didn't know that day what the Celtic Thunder show would achieve. I remember listening to Keith and thinking "star potential" so i am feeling a lil bit psychic with my predictions. The new release is out in a month and I am hearing AMAZING things from people in the industry not connected to Thunder. Keith is making waves and it couldn't happen to a nicer fella.

Anyways, jean and I talked about the music business which we are both fairly obsessed with. I love hearing her talk about Thunder. Sharon and Jean are so proud of what has happened and how the show is progressing. I know i learned a lot from both of them as a producer and am inspired by their achievements. The show simply would not exist without them. Anyways, we talked and talked but i got sense and got out of there before it got too late.

Midweek, I met Thom Clay, my old boss in Riverdance on Broadway. He is now company manager of Nice Work If You Can Get It. We met for lunch but he invited me to come to see the show that night. I knew Kelli O Hara was in the show. I had asked Kelli to be in my first PBS special but she was busy in the Kennedy Center at the same time so it didn't happen. I love her voice. You will recognise her from her performances in South Pacific and Light In the Piazza.

So I went to the show and laughed my head off. I wanted to hear Kelli sing some more serious songs but ultimately I had a complete ball and howled through the whole evening. Judy Kaye is hilarious and indeed won a Tony for it. The chandelier scene is just hysterical. Kelli and her partner on stage Matthew Broderick have a great chemistry and seemed to enjoy the whole performance so that made me love them both.

I went back to Kelli's dressing room after and she graciously invited me to have a glass of wine. In walks Matthew Broderick, Chris Sullivan and a few more cast members and we had an impromptu cocktail party full of showbiz stories, inside jokes and everyone in the room attempting an Irish accent. I was rather impressed that they all spoke highly about Wexford Cheese and Wexford Ale....didnt have the heart to tell them it isn't brewed at home but it is a County Wexford recipe.

The night ended in a nameless Broadway bar with crew from various shows gathered around a table to talk showbusiness. I lapped it all up like soup.

I left New York because I felt like I had graduated. It was time. But, it will always have a hold of me. I get to have the best of both worlds so I am there quite a lot. This week reminded me why I am part of it. I understand it and it certainly understands me.

A quick flight to Chicago to make sure my house is still standing had to happen. Honestly, I have spent about 2 months there this year but I guess it is what I signed up for.

I flew to Nashville 2 days ago to start a week of projects. I went straight from the airport to the studio where I starting demoing songs. I wasn't in the best of voice from the flight i think so I am not at all happy with what we cut so i will go in again on Tuesday to go again. Marcus Hummon, Bernie Herms and I wrote a song called East Of You, West Of Me a few weeks back. I love everything about it not least the fact that I am writing with these legends but spending time with inspiring people is what I live for. Anyways, my first go does not do the song justice. I am nothing if not a perfectionist so I start again this week.

The rest of this week involves meeting Outback Concerts to finally decide on route and dates for Christmas. Yes, I know it is not far away and I know I need to get this out to you guys soon but once we get it routed this week I should have the information soon. Right now I have only about 10 dates iron clad but we will add a lot more this week. The tour officially starts in the Zeiterion, New Bedford, MA on November 24. Tix not released yet. As for the show we have some major guests including the current world Irish dance champion Michael Holland , gorgeous newly written holiday songs, new musicians and a GUARANTEED great night out for the holidays. It is hands down my favorite tour.

I've been invited to visit the Grammy Nashville Offices this week so I am going to drop in to see if some of that magic rubs off on me. If you don't know by now, I am obsessed with country music so getting to call in on the center of it all will be a treat. I am also going to a red carpet event. Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics filmed a documentary called The Blackbird Diaries and the Ringmaster General about the making of his new Nashville album with Stevie Nicks, Martina McBride, Alison Kraus etc etc and there is a fancy launch party on Wednesday. I promise to sneak some party photos to you guys on twitter. The question is how do I get to talk to Stevie. Will work on that.

The rest of this week involved planning 2013 with my manager Robert. He has some great unusual plans so we will see what pans out. Right now the rest of the year is fairly mapped out but know this. I have 2 separate recording projects. I head back to New York in late September to knock out the first and then I will be back and forth to Nashville over the coming 6 months for the second one.

Thanks for the cards and letters....and the starbucks treats.....but most of all for that level of support which holds me up and moves me forward.

Love ye for it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am sitting at home in Wexford after a pretty great Fathers Day with my parents. We had lunch in the Riverbank Hotel overlooking Wexford Harbour and the sun across the bay. We had great food, fresh as a daisy. After a full weekend of celebrations, we opted for sodas instead of Guinness. I feel so lucky to be able to get home this week, just a month after my last trip to Wexford. I was asked to come back to be presented with the Wexford Ambassador Award. On Thursday I flew across from LA through Chicago, on to London then Dublin. I was a complete wreck once I got home and had only a few hours of sleep before getting ready for the event being held in the theater i was raised in, Wexford Opera House. This years recipients are John Banville Dermot O Leary Ann Doyle Billy Walsh The night was very special to me. I have so much pride in Wexford and to see it returned, was humbling and thrilling. The evening was all about getting the word out on our amazing county. It truly is a special part of the world and I would love you to learn more about it by going to the VISIT WEXFORD website.


The formal part of the evening concluded with the presentation of the Irish Music Award for Best Irish Tenor. To have this special award voted for by the fans, be presented in my home town made the whole night so special to me. My thanks go to the Irish Music Association and especially to Bob Reeder for his tireless work to help develop and promote Irish music in North America. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to get the award. It is so beautifully crafted and looks lovely on my mam's mantel.

We headed down the road then to celebrate in The Thomas Moore Tavern The whole weekend ended up being truly a very special time. I have another day before heading back stateside. I havent too long to wait next time as I come back in October to host and perform in the Wexford Festival Opera Gala Concert. As you can see there was much celebrating that night. It went into the wee hours of the night. As we say at home, it was an epic session. Here is a pic of my very happy mammy.

Equally happy sister Majella and nephew Dylan.

My motley crew of friends and family. Yes, it was as rowdy as it looks. In Wexford they know how to celebrate.

there was more singing!

I head to Nashville again for the next 2 weeks. I get to work with some more legends in songwriting. This time I am striking it lucky with Marcus Hummon who wrote Bless the Broken Road for Rascal Flatts, Tommy Lee James who wrote A Man This Lonely for Brooks and Dunne, Wade Kirby, Frank Myers who wrote I Swear and Jen Adan for wrote Blake Shelton's She wouldn't be gone. So all I need to figure out now is how in hell I am going to match these greats in writing. Right now I have a few ideas for songs so let's hope they don't laugh me out of the room. It is so fulfilling for me. I am hoping to write with other artists in mind but I am also finding songs for the next album. I want to start recording by the end of the summer. No timeline yet which is better for me. Regardless, I am falling in love with Nashville. It is my kind of town. I love the easy way down there. I really have to ease off the great food though. I have put on the pounds lately and the summer is the time for me to lose the few pounds.

Performing with the awesome Vince Gill on Monday next at the Sophie Shines Event. SO EXCITED!
I promise to post pics

So the best news is that this week after talking to lots of you about Daniels album, we decided to continue with our online store up to handle my album The Road Not Taken album as well as Daniel's The Voice of an Angel CD. The Road Not Taken is my best work. I am so proud of it.  Anyways, we want to combine them in a deal for a short time to save you a few bob. We know these are tough times so any savings you can make on music orders mean a lot.. The Boys of Wexford deal means you can get both albums for a reduced price.

The Boys of Wexford Package - The Voice of an Angel + The Road Not Taken

 The Road Not Taken Autographed

 I got so many emails in the past weeks about getting autographed copies. So before i head to Nashville I am sitting down in Chicago to sign some and they will be there for any of you to order.

Voice of an Angel

Daniel has been away on holidays in the Gaeltacht( Gaelic speaking part of the country in the west of Ireland) so I didn't see him on this trip. I did however chat with his mom and she is thrilled to be seeing more of him this year. Happy to report that he is in great spirits and living his time in Connemara.

Happy to hear the little bit of better news on my friend Ryan Kelly. I am sorry I couldn't answer your emails on the subject but I wanted to respect Ryan's family wishes. Anyways, I hope he is back out there in the near future. He deserves every bit of good fortune that comes his way. He is one of the nicest guys in show business I know.

News on the Winter tour : Working with my manager on the dates for the Christmas tour which is now looking a treat. We have more dates to add though and don't want to add dates bit by bit. I will say there are 2 dates already out there. Delighted to be going back for a third time to the Mayo Center in Morristown, NJ and the very posh Spivey Hall in Atlanta (one of my favorite venues in North America). There are MANY more dates to come and we promise a bigger and better show to last year's holiday show. New music, songs and exciting new dancers.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nashville Bound

Hi Everyone

Big hello from a sunny Chicago. So good to be back in my place even if it was only for a few days. After a really great holiday in Ireland (and Montenegro) I am back in business.

This week involved planning the next few weeks which is a hop, skip and a jump across the US for several different events. Lots of planning involved. Honestly i should open a travel agency. Everyone thinks I have "people" to handle all that stuff and while I have management, I would rather organise everything myself. I like to know what flights, what seats on what airline, what hotel room etc. YES, I am a self proclaimed control freak.

This week also involved getting the word out on Daniel Furlong's autographed album set which proved to be hugely popular. I knew they would be. I simply could not believe that noone in North America could purchase the hard copy. Over the coming months we will make it available on Amazon and in retail for people.

I am off to Nashville tomorrow for a week of writing. Writing makes me happier than performing. I love the process of being in the studio, writing and recording as we make progress, especially if it gets me to work with heroes of mine. I cannot believe who I am meeting this coming month. Shapiro Bernstein have set up appointments with major writers through June. Some names literally left me speechless. This week alone, I get to write with Ralph Murphy and Pat Alger. I couldnt believe when i saw Pat's name. I first started singing his songs 20 years ago. One of his is "Once in a very Blue Moon" with Nanci Griffith and recorded by Mary Black. Anyone who knows me will know the song was my party piece for many years. He also wrote What She's Doin Now, Unanswered Prayers, The Thunder Rolls with Garth Brooks. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Garth's songs and those albums in the early 90's were monsters. I remember my mate Greg and I singing them all the time. He has written and performed with Dolly, Peter , Paul and Mary, Lyle Lovett, Kathy Mattea(Goin Gone - another big favorite of mine), Trisha Yearwood. The list is endless....and now I get to work with him. I am BLESSED!

I also get to work with Bill La Bounty who wrote and performed Livin It Up.
I love his sound and want to sing his music. By Monday evening I hope to be doing just that.
Don't mind sayin, I am terrified. Hopefully, I will come up with some ideas and not make a fool of myself in front of these guys. Will keep you informed. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the vibe in Nashville. I love it there. So laid back and easy. My plan this year was not to sweat the small stuff and it is indeed working. I am really enjoying myself. I delayed the second PBS special for that very reason. It is just time for me to take some time for myself and slow down a bit.

I am off to sing in Los Angeles for a private event on June 9 and then I return to Ireland on June 13 for another event. I will fill you in when the details are announced. I THEN, hop back on a plane and head back to Nashville for more writing(with more legends) and the June 25 concert with Vince Gill, Melinda Dolittle, Mandiza and many more.

Sorry for not posting the winter tour dates yet. They are coming together but we want to complete the tour schedule before posting them. Some resourceful fans have been combing the internet to find thaters that have posted dates. One fan let me know a date before i knew about it! YUP! Anyways, I am off to enjoy the sunshine and am heading out for a run by the lake. Bye for now, next update from NASHVILLE.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael Londra Presents..........

Hi Everyone

I just got back from Ireland. Had the best time ever. It involved much Guinness, great foods in amazing restaurants in Wexford - seriously, it has to be one of the best towns for food in Ireland, some singing and more Guinness. I get to go back in 3 weeks for a special event which I will talk about very soon. I've lots of news and will update you in the coming week but...... I wanted to first let you know that I met with Daniel Furlong and his family. He came along to my concert and sang a few songs for me. He is just so talented. I love listening to how pure his voice is. He indeed reminds me of a boy soprano I knew once.....ahem! We were chatting about him being back at home and how happy he is to be back in school, hanging with his friends and being with his lovely family. In our conversations I realised something. I couldn't believe that you cannot get his amazing album in the US.You can source it on itunes, but that is it. I was astonished and decided to something about it. I know his real fans would love nothing more than a real cd signed by the man himself.

So we have come up with a plan to get his album out to as many people as possible in North America. He and I are very excited to work together on this. We are starting with this wonderful album in North America and plan on bringing it to many other countries. The "Boys of Wexford" are a force to be reckoned with...ok he's the boy and I'm an old geezer!

Many artists come to me with great talent, needing advice and a few tips on getting their great music out there. Through Radiocelt and my own singing and producing career, I come across the finest in Celtic talent and all too often noone gets to hear this great music. I think it is about time to do something about that. In the coming year, I will present several artists in a "Michael Londra Presents" series. Now Daniel needs no introduction but now he is at home focusing on school, I can help him out over here.

So, before the album goes out to the general public we have 100 autographed copies available NOW to you, his dedicated fans in around the world. The album wont be released to the general public until later in the summer.

1. Voice of an Angel
2. Over the Rainbow
3. Tears in Heaven
4. Someday
5. Pie Jesu
6. Bright Eyes
7. I have a Dream
8. Life the Wings
9. Morning has Broken
10. Nella Fantasia
11. You Raise Me Up
12. When She Loved Me

We know many people out there don't trust cyber payments so you can send a check for $18 plus $6 Post/Packaging to CELT Productions LLC 600 South Dearborn Street #210 Chicago, IL 60605 - 1822

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness and a Dream Fulfilled.

Last day of March after what was the mildest winter in Chicago history. No such thing as climate change? Please! Anyways, I am grateful for it. Usually i find January and February an opportune time to get out of town to sunnier shores but this time I managed to stay home. I love Chicago. Funnily enough, I don't get to spend too much time here so I always feel new in town even though it has been my address for 10 years.

I do have big news...well,for me it is big news. You will wonder what the fuss is about but I got to fulfill a dream of mine this week, more important to me than singing.....yes, that is saying something. You can read about it below but for now let's touch on March madness as Irish performers worldwide call it, it was a blast. It was the most arduous but funnest tour ever. I had 15 or so out on the road with me and we hit every corner of the US. It was hectic but hilarious. I have a lot of fun with my band and dancers who deal with tough circumstance with a sense of humor and joie du vivre.
Click here for an example of that humor.

A rainbow from my hotel room in Oregon on Saint Patrick's Day morning. Tis Glocca Morra - Faith n Begorrah! I always get a bit homesick on St. Patrick's Day but this year's tour was so fun that it didn't drag me down at all.

I cannot tell you how many miles we covered but we had standing ovations in many states, sold out in many cities and the reaction was the same; we give the audience a great night out. This audience in Wenatchee Toyota Arena has still to show up obviously but when they did, they certainly were the loudest on the tour. Awesome night.

Rob Schneider here is obviously endorsing our show.

I've a few bits of news for you. We have a few new people on board to help spread the word. First I got a new agent to get me out there. Parallel 49 is a brand new agency out of Santa Monica. A division of S. L. Feldman in Canada they are an incredible team who will compliment the work done by Harmony Artists. They've got great artists on their books like The Canadian Tenors who I think are just brilliant and the likes of Tracey Morgan. What a mix!

I signed a new manager in Nashville. Robert Williams is a veteran in the field. He manages John Oates (as in Hall & Oates) and Guitar Legend Larry Carlton. I met with lots of management over the past few months but I liked this guy a lot. He makes me laugh and has a proven record over the years so I am excited to work with him and his team.

So now to my big news....yesterday, I experienced the proudest moment of my career in entertainment when I signed a publishing deal with Shapiro Bernstein, one of the biggest, most renowned music publishers in the business. I like being a singer but being acknowledged as a writer is fulfillment of a dream for me. I get to work with some of the best songwriters there is, write songs for other artists and I get great songs sent to me. What's not to love? Anyways, in May I head to Nashville for a month to work with some of those great writers. It makes me feel like a grown up! I may also end up like I did last Sunday, walking up and down the streets of Nashville listening to amazing talent in all those honky tonks. LOVE THAT TOWN!

I ended up celebrating that and more by heading out to The Girl and the Goat. Love it there. It really was the proudest day for me, bigger than Riverdance on Broadway or my PBS Special. This was fulfilling a dream I had in my twenties that I thought would never happen; someone who knows what they are doing, saying that I am a good writer and should be writing great songs. AWESOME FEELING!
So what's next? Well, the winter tour dates are coming in hard and fast. A bigger tour and a bigger show. I won't announce dates until mid summer probably but it looks like we will hit every corner of the US again, ending on December 23 with a shuffle up to Buffalo. I will record some more new material. We have a a lot finished but I am looking for new songs to reflect my new place in the world. This year I feel like mixing it up a little.

By the way, I've been getting emails asking me if I am going country. Nashville is the heart of country yes, but it is also the heart of the music publishing business and the center of where it is all happening in entertainment these days. Aside from everything else, I like the place. I love country music, but I am certainly not going country. You just might see some influences in the next recordings.

I go to Ireland late April to see everyone in Wexford and when I am there I will do a concert on May 5 with some great guests like Daniel Furlong who I think is a huge addition to Celtic Thunder's new show. Have to say I love the new special. The arrangements for the new songs are fantastic and seeing Neil up front is great too. Emmet had big shoes to fill replacing Paul but his voice is stunningly clear and he's doing a fine job. The one to watch in the future in my opinion. Anyway's Wexford will be a lot of fun. I've also got Niall O Sullivan on board. He's an amazing trumpet player from Dublin who is destined for great things internationally, in my humble opinion.

Joining me on the night will be Brenda Brooks, an incredible singer/actress. One of my former singing partners in musical theater, she was always a lot of fun to work with. It will be fun to sing showtunes again and to hear her amazing voice live for the first time in many years. The night promises to be special.

Anyways, that is it for now. I will send you all a report from Ireland and lots more news from Nashville.

Thanks to everyone who sent me presents for Saint Patricks Day. The messages, cakes and Starbuck's cards are always a treat!

Big love


Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Before you attack me, let me just say that the Celtic spring officially began yesterday, February 1, the feast of St Brigid. Oddly enough here in Chicago it seems to match that with unseasonably warm days all week. Now when I say warm, I mean it is above 35F which is kind of unusual for Chitown.

January was split in 2 halves for me. After the very fun time in San Francisco, I didnt get to go home but headed straight to Nashville to meet with potential new management. I think I might have found someone and there is now ongoing discussion to set it in stone. It will be nice to have someone take the wheel from me for a while as the past year has been absolutely crazy wearing the hat of producer, manager, travel agent, tour manager...oh and singer. We had 20 people in San Francisco so that was multitasking at it's limit. It all worked out fine but it will be nice to have someone letting me know when I am losing the plot.

I got to hang out in Nashville for a few days and have to say it is now up in my top 5 places to visit. Have to say, I would live there in a heartbeat. Easy going but upscale. Conservative but liberal at the same time. Got to hang out with my favorite Irish Music Magazine journalist/ novelist Helene Dunbar who gave me all the inside scoop on the town.

I then headed to NYC for APAP to make some new plans with my agent and indeed plot out the next year. In talking I admitted that this year needed to be a lot slower. I was running myself to the ground and it was starting to show. I am no spring chicken and while I will always be a wayfarer, I would rather do it at a slower pace so that is the plan.

I met the bold Joannie Madden of Cherish The Ladies in New York. It was a tonic to see her. She makes me laugh and inspires me. Her work ethic and talent is unending. Her new album Country Crossroads is just fantastic with amazing duets with Vince Gill, Maura O Connell and Nancy Griffith. Hey Joanie, when do I get to sing with you.

While I was in town, I headed to the studio and recorded quite a lot of new music. While it is not finished, there is the bones of a new album there and I can't for you to hear some of the new songs.


I arrived home to my house after 2 months away. On January 25, I opened all the Christmas cards and gifts that everyone sent. I know that is just ridiculous but that is my life, people! It was such a treat to go through all of them, realising the amount of thought that went into everything. I have to admit that a lot of fans know me very well. I guess, I talk too much. Please know that I spent a long time going through everyone's kind messages and gifts and they mean the world to me. You know who you are!

Well, I was thrilled to get the news on January 28th that I had won the Best Irish Tenor Category in the Irish Music Association Awards. I never in my life expected to be nominated for such an award , let alone , win, especially looking at past winners like Tommy Fleming 2011 and Anthony Kearns 2010

For anyone who didn't know here is a summary and a list of a few winners
Feb. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As we speed toward that metamorphic holiday in March where the whole world turns green and becomes Irish, St Patrick's Day, the Irish Music Association has released a new list of the Best in Irish Music, creating new international icons in the genre. Last weekend, on Saturday, January 28, 2012, during the 4th Annual Irish Music Award Presentation ceremony, the IMA recognized outstanding Irish artists, celebrating not only that which is traditionally Irish, but also appreciating more eclectic sounds," IMA Executive Director R. T. Reeder said. "This year's nominations include some of the Irish music industry's most famous artists and performing groups."

Award Winners include:

Tommy Makem Award - Enya
Top Traditional Performance Show - Celtic Woman
Top Harpist - Orla Fallon
Best Female Vocalist - Lisa Kelly / Celtic Woman
Top Solo Performer in Concert - Ryan Kelly / Celtic Thunder
Best Group - The High Kings
Best Irish Tenor - Michael Londra

I will be sending the award home to my mother who will polish it and keep it shining on the mantle!

So next week, we start some tour dates, beginning close to home with a date in The Paramount Theater in Aurora on Feb 10th. Really i am just excited to see my lovely band and dancers. They mean the world to me and I know they love being on the road together There is always an adventure.

There is an extra few dates over the next month that I am thrilled about. I get to perform about 3 blocks from my house at Chicago Symphony Center for Siamsa Na nGael, a huge event featuring an orchestra, choir, amazing singers like Rod Dixon, Alfreda Burke, Catherine O Connell and myself. I have been given gorgeous music to perform so it should be a lot of fun although it means flying in from Bergen date the day before and on to Spokane the day after. That is what Irish performers call March Madness!

On February 26th, I join the awesome Kathleen Keane

in the American Irish Heritage Center here in Chicago for a night called The Keane Machine. Kathleen is a great friend who you will see on Michael Londra dates through the year. She plays whistle, fiddle and is a great irish dancer. Anyways, she is bringing a load of great musicians and singers together for a night to fundraise for the Heritage Center and I am looking forward to a few scoops after the show.

I am heading to the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane on March 14th. I will have lots of locals onstage including An Dochas and the Haran Dancers. I love Spokane. The town has a heart and the people up there are just great. A lot of my band and dancers over the years have been Washingtonians. We head on to Wenatchee Toyota Center on March 15th which is a different gig completely as we are playing to an Arena but either way it will be a fun night out. Tickets for both events only go on sale this week.

I was chatting to Paul Byrom the other day. We had the best chat. It is great to connect with someone who totally understands the job and what is involved. We had a lot of laughs, threw advice at each other and were glad to exchange ideas, tips, concerns etc. He is such a good guy and a wonderful singer. I admire his talent, drive and he deserves every success. Fortunately, our chat was over the phone or it would have involved many glasses of wine!!! One of these days we will have sing together.

Good luck to the Celtic Thunder boys heading off this week(not that they need it). I am dead jealous as I always wanted to do a full tour down there. I hope to make it happen someday. For now, there are too many dates to do here. I don't say this lightly but I think Emmet may be the best young singer to come out of Ireland in years. His voice is clear as a bell. I am excited to hear Keith's album. He is hugely talented writer and the nicest fella. He deserves the success. Mr. Foster is a lucky man.

The Celtic Woman tour started last night in Nashville. I saw the new Believe show on PBS and was blown away. David Downes and the girls know how to stage a show. What a spectacle! They will miss Lisa on the tour though.

I have been due a trip home for ages and I keep delaying it as my life is so complicated now. I can almost taste the Guinness so it wont be long now. I am going to do this stretch of dates and head to Wexford.