Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - 2012

Hi Everyone

Well I have reached the end of 2011 and I am still standing. It was quite the year. HUGE!

I have reached heights I never thought I would, as a singer and as a producer. I never imagined I would ever produce my own TV special that would air across the whole of the US. I feel like I finally made the mark on the world that I wanted to for many years.

Oddly enough it felt completely different than I thought. I essentially changed changed my path, how people perceive me, changed who I am. I really saw everything ahead and knew what it involved but I didn't realise how I would feel as I went through it.

This year involved opening myself to the public and I realised how uncomfortable I am with that. It certainly felt strange to have people want as much information that they could get on me. I have been totally weirded out in interviews and am finding myself being more guarded with everyone. I cannot imagine what it is like for really famous people. I am learning to live with it, I guess. I love to meet my fans and have them share their stories on how my singing affects them. It is astounding to hear those stories. Not so fond of meeting people who decide they own me or feel they have a right to grope me(YES...THERE WAS GROPING recently!) This is a ridiculous problem to have and indeed to complain about it makes me realise I am being ridiculous.

I am so amazed at how blessed I am in life. I have a wonderful family, friends who will do anything and indeed, this year did everything for me, opportunities to travel, opportunities to achieve my life's ambitions and self fulfillment.

Singing was brought me great joy, opportunity and dreams come true.

As for 2012 I have several plans, I am working on a new show that will be different, working on a new album to match the show, producing more and one more secret project to be unveiled mid year. I am mixing things up this year. I am bringing new people to my life, I am looking at new opportunities, I am walking away from old habits and most of all, I am not sweating the small stuff. I made myself sick this past month from it and won't let it do that again.

My mind is dynamic, fast, self sufficient and creative however it also takes too much on board so my resolution is to try to give it a break. Ambition is being asked to take a back seat and living life is taking over.

I have a few highlights of 2011

1. Singing the Anthem at AT&T Park for the Giants - Astros game.

2. Seeing my band and dancers watch the PBS special for the first time.

3. Making my agent Adrienne Crane Ross happy.

4. Getting a publishing deal(details to follow!)

5. Going to Haiti again

6. Making my parents proud.

7. Having Frankie Gavin and De Dannan in my TV special(major heros!)

8. Having my producer Steve Skinner be in the TV special too!

9. Seeing Daniel Furlong become part of Celtic Thunder when I remember noticing his talent at home in Wexford, many years before. I love that he calls me a mentor. I look at him and! #makesmeproud

A few lowlights of 2011

1. having to sell myself constantly

2. people actively telling others not to support me (from a certain fanbase aaaand you know who you are! :) )

3. Missing my family and everyone in Wexford as I was out on promo tour all through Autumn

4. trying to be a performer/manager/producer/promoter all at the same time!

I will say I am tired after this year. I need some time off and plan on taking a few weeks in January. First though I head to Nashville. I am not goin country people although it does have a certain appeal. I am merely heading for meetings there and in NYC.

I want to thank all the lovely fans who read my blog, send messages of support, lovely gifts in the mail(though how you found my address is astounding to me!). I am not sure it is my life's calling to be just a singer but you certainly make it worthwhile for me. I love that my songs offer comfort,joy or solace. I love that it brought me to you and I love when we meet to share that experience in concerts. Being honest I am not sure i will sing for the rest of my days so I cherish these times.

May 2012 bring you all you want in life. Much love!!!!