Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So happy to be back in Chicago after a great trip to Ireland and then on to NYC to start plans for a new album.

We have decided when looking over all the recordings we have made over the past few years to release something online at the end of the summer and i will get details to you soon. BUT we have also decided to go back into the studio to create something a little different this year. Let the rumours begin.....

I need to clarify something. I am getting emails and facebook messages from all over about this and it is about time I set the record straight. I have appeared on websites in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France and China this year as either lead singer or Creative Director of Celtic Legends. I am neither , nor have I been for a year now. I am not performing with the show nor will I be.

The only shows I am involved with are Celtic Fire or Celtic Fusion

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hello from Barcelona.

I love this town. I was here a while ago and loved so I was very excited to get back. The town has this great energy. Separate to the rest of Spain. The Catalans have an amazing culture that cant be beaten. Great food, gorgeous wines and everyone seems annoyingly good looking.
Recommended hotels
Granados 83

Recommended restaurant
La Fonda
Got to walk the city with Mam and Dad....and half of Wexford.